Guardian means a person who takes the responsibility of student’s conduct, activities and academics etc.
The following person can be included as acceptable guardians, any two of them may act as guardian.

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Paternal Grandfather(real father of the student’s father),
  4. Maternal Grandfather (real father of the student’s mother)
  5. Paternal Uncle(real brother of student’s father)
  6. Maternal Uncle (real brother of the student’s mother)
  7. Elder brother or sister.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Guardians at serial no. 5,6 &7 must have attained the age of 40 years, guardians less than prescribed age will not be acceptable.
The paternal and maternal uncle shall produce legal and written evidence to testify their relationship with the student.



  • To assess the progress of a student, monthly tests and three terminal examinations are held. For this purpose
    College provides answer sheets to students similar to the board pattern. Question paper pattern is also similar to the board. Answer scripts are checked by the concerned lecturers and results are compiled as annual exam pattern. The logic behind all these arrangements is to familiarize the students with annual examination system, so that they will not find anything unusual during annual examination hall.
  • After compiling result of tests, staff meeting is conducted with principal and every student’s weakness and
    situation is discussed in detail and reinforcement is provided to the students. In the light of the test
    result, plan for coming days of the session is prepared. Term exam results are conveyed to the parents
    through parent-teacher meetings.
  • A student who fails in the terminal examination in more than two subjects is expelled from the college. In this regard the decision of the principal is considered as final and is not challenge able in any court of law.
  • Regular staff monthly meetings are conducted in the first week of each month to discuss the progress of the previous month. In the monthly staff meeting individual written reports of students are discussed separately. In these reports detail of lectures delivered, lectures attended by the student, days of absence and academic position of the student is mentioned.
  • After compiling, the monthly report is handed over to the student concerned. In this regard all the parents/
    guardians are required to check and sign the monthly report of their daughter/ ward every month and return the report with in two days duly signed.
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