The principal has the full authority to fine, punish or ask any student to leave the college/ school if his / her presence is not in his/her interest or that of the institution. Students are expected not to indulge in the following activities,

  • Habitual idleness.
  • Use of abusive language.
  • Lack of attention towards studies.
  • Disorderly or unseeingly behavior and/or any immoral activity.
  • Disobedience to staff members, proctors and senior students.
  • Violation of undertaking.
  • Any involvement in politics, agitation, inter group fight and rude behavior.
  • Willful damage to college property or other belongings.
  • Using of unfair means during examinations and class tests.
  • Possession of firearms, sharp edged weapons or any object other than required items.
  • Misleading guardians/parents about college activities or other matters.
  • Interference in college educational process like strike or grouping for suspension of classes etc.

A student indulged in any above mentioned activity will be warned once before expulsion. Flagrant defiance of rules in the classes or else where may lead to immediate expulsion from the institute.

  • Students are not allowed to borrow/ lend anything from /to one another.
  • Any damage to school/ college property shall have to be paid for with penalty.
  • Father/Guardian must bring their identity cards with them.
  • Students suffering from contagious or infectious disease are not permitted to attend the school/ college.
  • The students are not allowed to keep valuables, like cameras, valuable watches, pens, calculators and mobiles etc. If the student is found in possession of any such article, it will be confiscated.
  • While all possible safety measures are taken, the institute will not be responsible for any harm, which may come to student while at the college or out on picnic/ tour etc.
  • All possible measures are taken to ensure that student does not leave the premises without permission, however if (God forbid) a student manages to slip out, the institute will not be responsible for any mishap/harm that may occur to him/her.
  • In case of withdrawal the parents have to submit a written application and will have to clear all full session dues at least a month in advance.
  • No outsider or friend is permitted to visit the college and meet the student.
  • Telephone calls are not allowed for the students in any case.
  • No student is allowed to paste or distribute any poster, notice or pamphlet in the school/ college premises.
  • School/ College administration has the right to revise any class schedule or re-arrange the classes when considered necessary.
  • School/ College authorities reserve the right to make, amend or introduce any rules as and when desire.
  • Mobile Phones and cameras are strictly ban in the institution, even in the functions.
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