The school has well equipped dispensary with two bed, medical inspection room; the medical officer and one assistant is available to provide medical care to students. The school has adequate arrangements to treat ailments of not too serious of nature like minor cuts, bruises and vomiting etc.


  • During school in spite of care and supervision children sometimes suffer injury due to carelessness of other students or themselves. Minor cuts and bruises are common but sometimes even emergency cases occur because of which we have to take the students to emergency department of District Hospital Mansehra. Parents will be notified immediately in serious cases.
  • Parents should keep in mind, God forbid if critical injury or even any fatal ailment occurs during the school hours they should lay no responsibility on school administration.
  • It is also advised in case of contagious diseases like chickenpox, smallpox, measles, influenza, severe cold, cough and diarrhea please retain your son / daughter ward till completion of treatment and send the student when he/ she gets completely recovered. Thus strictly follow the doctors direction and do inform school via written application along medical certificate .

A spacious “Rukhtaj Begum Auditorium” with the seating capacity of three hundred spectators is also part of ‘Admin Block’. All the inter school competitions like quiz, movies and different presentations are held in it throughout the session. Also a multipurpose seminar hall is constructed in ‘Girls Campus’ with built-in multimedia and sound system for weekly staff meetings & sessions etc.

In school during different activities and days photographs of the students are taken and some of them are displayed on photo board in school picture gallery. On annual day video is also captured so if parents wish to seek copies they can contact the office or class teacher via written request. On payment a copy may be provided or contact of relevant shop will be shared.

A qualified librarian is looking after the school library.The library is spacious, fully furnished and properly ventilated. It houses more than 3,000 books on variety of academic and non academic topics for all age groups. Daily newspaper in English and Urdu, local and foreign magazines and periodicals are also subscribed. A weekly library lesson is fixed for every class to broaden students’ intellectual horizon and to formulate their reading habits . The institute’s library is named as “Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali Library” to recognize and acknowledge the effort and hardwork of Prof. Dr. Ihsan Ali (Vice Chancellor Hazara University ) for promoting higher education.


There are well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to support teaching of science curriculum.
Weekly practical session takes place according to the subjects in these laboratories.


In order to facilitate students, school transport fleet including school bus and vans are readily available at long and short routes. * “Details in Annexure C”


Providing variety of food items.
LAVATORIES: Separate for seniors and juniors.
DRINKING WATER: Water coolers along with filters in the galleries.

Previously parents need to go to the city market for purchasing uniform & books; for this they have to go through a lot of hassle and fatigue. Now school offers uniform and bookshop inside the premises particularly for students of Jinnah Colleges.


Haircut remains the most problematic issue for school boys. Mostly during checking if a student’s haircut is found
improper, he must be sent to School Barber Shop & charges will be included in the fee.