Teachers and parents meetings are arranged in which students’ current level and rate of progress is discussed. Students’ attendance, attitude, behaviour, achievements, reports are maintained in their personal files and each file is reserved for one student. As a result of this interaction college gets meaningful feedback from the parents which is helpful to boost the overall education position of the students.


  • It has been observed during the previous years that some parents due to their personal business completely or partially ignore their son’s/ daughter’s academic progress. Their careless behavior sometimes leads to their beloved ward towards complete ruin. Your regular contact with college administration will help in the career building of the student.
  • It is required that all the parents remain in contact with college administration on weekly basis. All correspondence with parents is conducted through their children, so it is the responsibility of the parents to esquire about the matters regularly. Only two verified guardians of the student whose names are mentioned in the admission form can visit college. Irrelevant persons are discouraged to visit the college for deliberation with any reference with respect to the student concerned.
  • Keeping in view the best interest of students and staff, the institution has framed its SERVICE REGULATIONS 2007 ON WARDS, as amended in 2010 as per rules; after fulfilling the eligibility criteria each staff member is required to sign a service agreement on judicial stamp paper of Rs.1000/- for the minimum period of 01 year, for which he remains bound to continue his services or as the rules require otherwise, however, as it is a private institute change of staff members during or at the end of the session due to any reason(s) is not questionable and arguments in this regard will not be entertained.