It has been observed that there are certain points regarding decorum, etiquette and discipline of the institute which need extra attention. Violation of any rule and regulation of the institute is a very harmful tendency & without discipline a student cannot make satisfactory headway in studies nor in later life. Acceptable behaviour, punctuality and complete observation of rules & regulation are the base of edifice and balanced personality. So to ensure the complete fulfillment of the desired decorum of the institute by the students we need wholehearted cooperation of parents/ guardians.

Dress Inspection
The proctorial board will inspect the dress everyday. Heavy fines and temporary expulsion from classes will be imposed on the students who are not wearing neat and clean dress daily. Prescribed uniform, hair accessories, properly polished shoes, properly trimmed nails and clean teeth are checked on daily basis.

  • Use of chains around the neck or wrist or any other piece of jewelry is forbidden.
  • Properly ironed uniform and polished shoes are the pre requisite of a smart turn out.

Late Arrival:
It has been observed that even having very reasonable college timing in the area students usually come late. So to overcome this tendency some rules have been formulated by the college administration. The students are bound to abide by these rules and directives issued time to time in this regard, rules are:

  • Students coming late up to five minutes will be punished and fined.
  • After five minutes college gate will be closed and no student will be allowed to enter, and they will be marked absent; and parents will be responsible if they pretend to be at college on such day by wandering elsewhere.
  • For habitual latecomers, parents will be called to give an undertaking about timely arrival of their son/ daughter. If that even doesnt work , the student will be expelled.
  • Please make sure and esquire if your child is a latecomer, make him/ her leave home 10 minutes prior to his/ her timings.

Attendance Rules

  • Roll call is maintained in every lesson.
  • For sitting in the annual/ semester exam, it is obligatory for a student to have 90% attendance during the
  • A candidate coming from some other college will have to submit an attendance certificate.
  • For leave, the father or guardian of the student (mentioned in admission form) will have to come personally and
    explain the reason for leave or send an application duly signed with copy of guardians CNIC.
  • Telephonic messages are not considered in this regard and the student will be marked absent.
  • For sick leave, the application must be supported by the doctors certificate.
  • In case of absence, at least Rs. 100/- per day will be charged.
  • Before dismissal time students are not allowed to leave the college building, otherwise strict action will be taken.
  • Short leave is strictly prohibited, students are not allowed to leave the college during working hours; so parents /guardians are expected to co-operate with the college administration in this regard.
  • Telephonic conversation and messages are strictly prohibited, therefore parents and well wishers are advised not to make contact on phone.

Leave Procedure
In case of genuine and necessary reason students/ guardians should send leave application for leave with a photocopy of Guardians CNIC, same as attached and mentioned in the admission form with the signature of the same guardian. The application should only be submitted in the reception office before the start of first lesson where it will be verified, then will be sent to the respective class if verification thrives.

Procedure of Verification
Verification means to see and check the attendance record of the student concerned and to verify the authenticity of the guardian undersigned. Only applications of students having good attendance record are accepted on the discretion of class teacher.


  • Students being absent for 2 days in a month without any written application will be fined.
  • Students being absent for 3 or more days in a month (consecutive or in intervals) will be expelled from the
    institute and expulsion letter will be issued.
  • Students being absent on days immediately after/ before holidays will be heavily fined which may be
    Rs. 100/- to Rs. 500/- per day or more. Other important days like days of class test, functions, sports day and Parent-Teacher meetings etc, may also be included in this category.

In case of leave of absence for performing Umrah or any other long visit abroad or in the country, it is not possible to sanction application in any case. So parents/ guardians are requested to plan such activity during holidays. If student leaves for Umrah or any other trip/ visit during academic session he/she will be expelled and will be readmitted only on submission of full admission fee.

Expulsion of any harmful student is the primary right of the institute. The principal is authorized to struck off any student in the best interest of the institute without any prior written notice and without assigning any reason, as an administrative matter it is not necessary to justify. A student who fails college internal examination and expelled from the college will not be readmitted in any case, however, will have to pay all the dues of the college for the full session. Father/ Guardian should carefully note this point before admission and signing the undertaking.

A student may be expelled if he/ she remains absent for one week or more, this decision will be taken by the college
administration in the best interest of the student and no justification is required at all. On the expiry of expulsion period the student will again apply for readmission with new undertaking, according to the following readmission fee structure.

  • Within eight days from the date of issuance of expulsion order Rs. 500/-
  • Within fifteen days from the date of issuance of expulsion order Rs. 1000/-
  • Within twenty one days from the date of issuance of expulsion order Rs.2000/-
  • After passing twenty two days the case will be forwarded to the ‘Board of Management’ and its decision will be considered as final.

NOTE: Any action of the Principal or Board of Management cannot be challenged in any court of law.


In case of expulsion a written notice of expulsion is issued to the student concerned or may be posted through registered post. Dispatch record will be considered as valid evidence of such notice and such type of expulsion is carried out after staff meeting and careful analysis of the students academic record and the matter under consideration. In this case the decision of Principal is considered as final. No pressurizing tactics would be honored in this regard.

The enrollment of the student may be permanently expelled, automatically if,

  • The DMC, provisional certificate or any other document(s) are found fake after verification.
  • The student fails to provide the pending documents/ requirements including migration certificate and verified copy of DMC from board which were not submitted at the time of admission due to any reason, till the expiry of given date or time.
  • The conduct and behavior of student or his/ her guardian is aggressive, rude, quarrelsome or insulting towards administration, staff member, faculty or any other concern of this institute, however the grievance of students ‘guardians will be listened and settled if conveyed to administration in a suitable and proper way.
  • Student may be temporarily expelled three times in a single academic session. No response of Temporary
    Expulsion may lead to Permanent Expulsion.
  • MISCONDUCT OF PARENTS/ GUARDIANS: Uncivilized, nonoperative behavior or use of abusive language
    of parents / guardians with faculty & principal of the school/ college is not acceptable & will be dealt with firm hand.
  • Cancellation of admissions in these circumstances need no prior warning or written notification.