QUALIFYING Percentage is 60%

  • Parents’ Interview
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Observation of childs physical movement through,

i. Jumping
ii. Hopping
iii. Holding

  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Simple puzzle will be given to check their fine motor skills.
  • Coordination Skills
    • World or country map will be given to the child for fixing.
  • Recognition
    Flash cards or models will be shown and child will be asked to recognize them.
    i. Basic Colours
    ii. Basic Shapes like circle, triangle & square
    iii. Some Common Fruits
    iv. Some Common Animals
    v. Parts of Body
  • Nursery Rhymes: Any nursery rhyme.
  • English Conversation
    e.g What is your name? What is your father/ mother name?
  • Parents Academic and Behavioral Analysis
  • Washroom Training