The current year fee slip is attached with admission form and is subject to review periodically in the light of price structure and pay scales etc.

  • There is no concept of monthly fee, however only session dues are to be taken.
  • Total dues of the session are received in two/ three equal installments or as decided by the administration.
  • Above mentioned provisions will not be relaxed for individual student in any case.
  • All type of dues must be paid within specified time and no time extension will be given in any case.
  • After the expiry of prescribed time, fine will be charged on daily basis.
  • No fee or fine is refundable in any case.
  • The fee does not include tours, backup power supply by generator, photography, heating and cooling,
    entertainment, magazine fund , stationery, board exam and registration charges etc.
  • No student will be allowed to take the board examination until all dues have been cleared.
  • Fee rules cannot be challenged in any court of law, so please understand clearly before submission of admission

School/ College Magazine “The Pakhal” is published within the interval of two to three years. The magazine fund is collected from students each year, the amount of which is established by keeping in view the total cost of publication. The administration however, ensures that each student must receive a copy of magazine during his/ her stay at this institute, at least, at the end of two to three years of educational career.

Migration in subsequent year/ semester is only allowed on submission of admission and tuition fee for the preceding period which is calculated from the date of commencement of classes of present year/ semester.