Our institute hosts number of events, seminars, conferences & workshops to engage educationists and society in positive discourse.

To refresh and learn new things about education and relevant subjects school helps teachers through seminars & workshops to flourish in their field. In this context different workshops throughout the session are part of school pedagogical implications.

  • Regular monthly one day workshops / seminar on different pedagogical implementations.
  • Workshops for non-teaching staff regularly.
  • Special one day, yearly orientation and training workshops with Oxford University Press.
  • Regular winter & summer camps for teachers take place in which scholars from other cities are invited.
  • Yearly three day subject based workshops and training session by subjects specialists and visiting faculty in critical areas.
  • International yearly workshops/ seminars.
  • SPELT monthly/ yearly sessions.
  • ‘DUCERE’: an organization been formulated for the training of teachers as leaders at regional level to conduct training workshops, seminars and winter/ summer camps.
  • Jinnah Colleges acclaim teachers’ contribution and efforts regarding progress of students through various rewards and prizes/ incentives for example “The Best Teacher Award” and increments during session.