Jinnah Basic School & Girls College


Education is the realization of humanity; it gives richness and freedom to human imagination and expression. The most important section of our Education System is the school section, here the fresh saplings can be grown into strong fruit bearing trees if fertilized and reared properly. Early childhood education is important as well dynamic part of schooling; as at this stage education aims at personality development, moral and ethical grooming, behavioural growth and budding life skills along with academia. Student’s overall growth and grooming depends upon the quality of atmosphere, depth of knowledge and richness of exposure to real life and learning at this
level. We at Jinnah basic school aims at stimulating dynamic relationship between society and learners by inculcating in them rationale related to basic and high moral and ethical values and focusing on bringing change in the society through them. We realized that only quality education fostering spiritual, moral and humane values along with specific up-to-date academia will only bring positive change in the society. We promote an education system, which goes on both inside and outside the classroom, and fosters an atmosphere where academic work is respected and ideas appreciated. We provide them freedom to experience the vastness of knowledge and expression of ideas.

We not only aim at teaching an individual but we dream of educating the society and bringing revolution in the social arena by changing the mindset. We realized the dynamic relationship among society, learners and institution. So we strengthen this relationship by linking them together for purposeful education. Our idea of education is based on modern educational psychological philosophies and approaches. In preschool we adopted Montessori approach, developing sensory motor skills, large and small motor skills along linguistics; and logical realms. In our school system we are preparing students to develop their maximum abilities and capabilities to think, focus, retain and be conscious of their surroundings. As O’Grady in his book “Second Language Acquisition” (1989) states:

“The studies should be joined to that of objects that our acquaintance with the objective world and with language may progress side by side. For it is people, we are forming and not parrots.”

Taking Vision to Reality

Our Methodology and Techniques:

We use modern facilities and methodologies to enrich and make effective our pedagogy. Lectures, tutorials, individual mentoring, group and pair activities, seminars, presentations along with use of multimedia and other high-tech teaching learning tools and equipment are part of our academia.

Our Mission:

To produce ‘Leaders’ having self-awareness, kindness & passion who can propagate, extend and give love, compassion and strength to all the humans around without any bias or discreet. In the early years of childhood, students development is rapid in all human domains; psychological, sentimental, stature & vision. If society provides an environment that can provide positive impact then education can work wonders in these areas. All children progress in these collectively but ratio of excellence varies, so this variation depends upon domestic & social scenarios. We aim to progress through our communion with both society and families of our hope; our future leaders.

Dear parents:

We at Jinnah Basic School & Girls College try to facilitate your child in every possible way to meet success, to explore excellence within them, to be compassionate human being, but for all this your help and assistance is an obligation. On the path of learning, in pursuit of truth we need your full cooperation to make your children total quality persons having excellence in their mannerism and skills. Parents’ regular contact with school administration will help in career building of the students and this communion will definitely bear fruitful results.
As our school motto reflects our aim, “Strive to Lead” we will be focusing on developing and nourishing leadership qualities in them so that they should lead the world and not stand among the followers. I invite you to come and lets strive together for better Pakistan and for best and peaceful universe, to experience with us the glory of knowledge, the dawn of new world & to be with us in the journey of self realization and experiencing excellence and exploring new avenues. ENSHA-ALLAH

Ms. Safia Janis Khan:

M.Phil English/ Linguistics (NUML)
M.A English (Peshawar University)

IPTP Psycho Trauma Organization Switzerland
SIRST: Society for Interaction of Religion, Science & Society Pakistan
AGHS: Child Rights Legal Aid Pakistan
Executive Member EQUIP Pakistan (Regional Chapter KP)
‘DUCERE’; Leaders Training Organization, Mansehra Pakistan