During pre-primary years according to natural, traditional and modern educational psychology we have to develop sensory motor skills not only writing skills or language learning skills. Our focus is on overall learning and development of children. In pre nursery during the beginning semesters pre writing activities like coloring and pencil holding techniques are emphasized . We are preparing them to develop their maximum abilities and capabilities to think, focus retain and to be conscious of their surroundings.

In play group specially (pre nursery, nursery & prep) it is in fact effort and enlightenment of parents that benefit the child’s learning process, so think positive & be positive.

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Children lie down on the carpet or head down on table and concentrate on the sounds around them. Then they try to identify them such as the ticking of the clock, sound of running water, chirping of birds, talking, laughter in the next room and many more. This enhances listening skill and develops concentration.

Often the story of the week is enacted and other times the junior most group joins and they interact and perform plays. Props are used; sometimes children dress up in various costumes. This builds confidence to speak and do things in front of others and develops expression, elocution and presentation.

A simple yet highly effective way to reinforce the formation of shapes, numbers and alphabets is by moving the finger around the thinly spread out lentils on a tray. Gently shifting the tray backwards and forwards after each attempt to create the even layer. The child shapes the pattern of the figures thus it remains in memory.

Children adopt role play of different professions from everyday life the baker, doctor, tailor, gardener, cook, pilot, fireman and so on, sometimes even costumes and props are used to make the play acting as meaningful as possible.