We celebrate child’s birthday at school in case parents desire. The teacher makes birthday crown or card for the child and the class sings birthday song. Birthday celebrations held at school are kept low-keyed but if parents want to send cake or sweets for fellow students they are free to do so but there is no compulsion. Parents must provide disposable plates & napkins along the birthday cake.

Life Skills

Toilet training is very important especially for preschool students, school has arranged ‘Ayaahs’ to wash and clean the students. It is important that student should be trained at home to take permission well in time when need arises. Parents should provide extra clothing in the beginning of the term bearing their child name. As well time at night must be settled to develop the habit for main lavatory usage.

Please write names of students with permanent marker or paint on all clothes, bags, snack boxes and other items brought to the school by the child. Labels or name tag bearing his/her name will help teachers & young learners to identify the belongings.

There is prescribed uniform for the children of Pre-nursery & nursery classes but during color days or when asked should wear colorful dresses. Cleanliness and tidiness is closely scrutinized to maintain student’s record. On color days parents will be asked to dress their child according to mentioned color by the teachers through school diary, so any piece of clothing must match the color asked. Weather conditions must be kept in mind while dressing up your child.