Dear students, your joining to Jinnah Degree College of Commerce & Management Sciences Mansehra is really considerably high distinction towards your remarkable effort to attain your destination. I see it personally that the time is almost to be held to get the actual existing target of accomplishment of your aim.

The college offers different courses of professional education at graduation level which requires your attention in the spectrum of analytical study so that you may be able to opt an accurate course of study in a standard educational institution.

I feel fairly confident that you would be provided with the means towards what is needed or sought for your successful destination. This act of going from one place to another place of success with us would be honorably recompense of our great teaching services.

I have confidence in that you would take pleasure to reside temporarily with Jinnah Degree College of Commerce & Management Sciences Mansehra.

Dear Parents, I am highly being thankful to your selection of jinnah Degree College of Commerce & Management Sciences Mansehra. This is one of the best college in the country for graduate level studies. My college concern relates to high level discipline in class as well as in other curriculum activities.

Our top declaration of policies are as follows:

1. Teaching staff is highly qualified and competent in pedagogy and its demanding uses.

2. Teaching staff is very experienced having zeal and power of guiding students in their knowledge and how they cope with the modern challenges.

3. College building efforts to create such an environment to get their targets (goal) and polish it well of academics knowledge.

4. Degree campus is isolated just to provide higher educational environment that is the demand of modern study period.

5. The college keeps up in the sports activities for making students physically and mentally fit.

6. The college encourages competitive environment among the student inside class room, consequently student get high position results in university and got gold Medals also.

7. I see to it personally that your son / Daughter/ Ward will be in possession of getting good professional jobs.

INSHALLAH your selection would rise your children up to the high level satisfactory destination.

Thank you.


Jinnah College upgraded its academic programs with the affiliation of Peshawar University in the year 1998 for the discipline of B.Com. The first batch of 40 graduates passed out in Annual Examination of 2000. In the year 2004 affiliation of the college was switched over to Hazara University as the university started its operation in Mansehra as main campus. Jinnah Colleges is a multi dimensional institution and one and brilliant dimension of this institution is its degree section which is imparting education at higher level in both of professional fields of education i.e Commerce and Business Administration. Although Jinnah Colleges has not yet been started its post graduate Programs, however the graduates of this College taking shining results in graduation examination and get admissions in high profile universities of Pakistan as well as abroad.

Due to the brilliant performance in Annual Examinations as well as co-curricular activities the college got distinctive position among all of the educational institutes inside as well as outside the country.


The college aims at providing quality professional education with a view to developing knowledge, skill, personality and character of graduates to make them responsible citizens and expert professional of corporate sector. The objectives are focused on academic excellence, personality development, character building, promotion of religious and national values, leadership traits and professional expertise development. Hence “We Build Personality in Person”.


The Degree Section of Jinnah Colleges is located at Bhat pull Mansehra. The section covers three portions / floors of building comprising theory rooms, examination hall, computer lab, digital library, mosque and other administrative offices.


Degree section of Jinnah Colleges is working under the control of Board of Governors and its Board of Management. The Honorable Director of Jinnah Colleges Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed is the Patron in Chief and Chairman of the Board of Governors as well as the Board of Management.


The College has qualified teaching staff having extensive experience in relevant subjects. The administrative hierarchy of the college is divided into different departments and each department is headed by one staff member. The college has an elaborate administrative set up having hard working ministerial staff and class IV staff for smooth functioning of routine activities.